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Fire Safety

Products & Services

Solutions designed to prevent, detect & contain a fire... enabling  time to escape


Whatever your needs, from a standard installation to a complex system, our designers will create a bespoke solution servicing all your requirements. Our fully trained and qualified engineers will install the system and ensure you are happy with your installation.

From the initial Fire Risk Assessment to the design and installation of the appropriate fire detection and suppression technologies, our range includes the most sophisticated detectors and alarms, through to fire extinguishers, fire suppression systems and other essential products such as signage and emergency lighting.

At DMI Fire and Security, our expertise and product knowledge enables us to work alongside our customers to design and install complete fire safety systems together with remote monitoring and fire brigade signalling.

With tougher legislation increasing the responsibility on business owners, it’s now more crucial than ever to engage the services of a reputable company you can trust.


You can trust in DMI. 

We offer unbiased, expert advice to give you the peace of mind that your system is capable of safeguarding lives.

We are Gent Systems Integrators due to our quality service provision within the industry. Our client list includes Local Authorities, shopping centres, schools, hospitals, and commercial businesses. We are Fire Systems Integrators.

DMI are a BAFE (British Approvals of Fire Equipment) registered company.

We consistently reinvest in our staff to ensure that their knowledge of safety systems is continually updated. In turn we share this experience with our clients to ensure that they make an educated investment, the benefits of which will be evident for years to come.

All companies in the UK must comply with the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order (RRO). Within the requirements it states that businesses should have a means of alerting a fire (fire alarm), a method of escaping from the fire (including fire escape and emergency lighting), and the ability to fight the fire (extinguishers).

It is also a legal requirement for all businesses regardless of their size to undertake a fire risk assessment which must be carried out by a competent person. This should be supported by a written fire safety procedure and training to ensure that staff can adequately use their fire extinguisher equipment.

DMI designs and installs complete fire systems with features such as:

  • heat and smoke detection

  • smoke beams

  • audio and visual warnings

  • air sampling and wire-free systems

  • automatic door and ventilation operations

  • flame detectors

  • intrinsically safe systems

  • together with remote monitoring and fire brigade signalling systems.

Our products range from traditional, standalone detectors and conventional fire detection systems to fully analogue addressable systems with networking capability which enables integration with existing security systems. To combine and simplify monitoring and detection processes all our products are open protocol.

Open protocol products are fully accessible and provide customers with freedom of ownership, and the freedom to choose any service provider for the ongoing maintenance of the system.

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