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L2 category fire alarm solution for landlord and fire escape areas in 15 story accommodation blocks. High risk area was identified within the bin store.

“As part of our ongoing Fire Risk Assessement programme to our high rise towers, River Clyde Homes looked for a solution to mitigate potential fires within the bin chute areas. DMI offered and provided a full design and installation service contributing to keeping our customers safe and secure in their homes.”


Alan Skimins

Project Officer, River Clyde Homes

Our Solution

Installation of a fully automated water mist extinguishing system interfaced with a fully addressable landlord fire alarm system in accordance with BS 5839:1-2013 category L2.

A Gent Vigilon 72 analogue addressable automatic fire detection and alarm system was installed within the landlord areas.

Each landing had numerous devices and sounders fitted, as well as within the lift motor room, and ground floor storage and drying areas. Lift shafts were also protected.

The system consists of a multi loop control panel which was installed in the main entrance lobby of the building in a vandal resistant enclosure.

The new panel has a 72hr standby battery capacity with sufficient reserve to maintain the system in full alarm load for a further ½ hour. The control panel incorporates a thermal printer.


A comprehensive scheme of S-quad analogue addressable automatic detection devices are installed throughout the project to provide early indication of fire. Warning devices are provided to alert the staff and members of the public that an emergency situation has arisen.

All detection & alarm devices incorporate an internal short circuit isolation facility as standard to maintain maximum system integrity in the event of a cable or equipment fault.

The complete fire strategy appropriate for the building operation will be developed after consultation with all relevant parties. The strategy will include, but not limited to, evacuation, door release and lift shutdown.

All detection and alarm devices and other ancillary integration systems connected to the Vigilon control panel network are wired directly via the 2 core detection loop circuits in a red soft skin “enhanced” fire resistant cable. Existing MICC cable was utilised where possible.

The bin room within the building had been identified as requiring additional sprinkler protection. This is provided through a mist extinguisher system as detailed in the L2 category and outlined below:

*Autoquench AQ2000: Automatic bin room fire protection system

The AQ2000 is a fully automatic fire suppression system for protecting communal bin rooms where the incidence of fires and therefore risk is high. Using mains water only, the system produces a water mist through specially developed nozzles that are directed into or over the bins.

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