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Warden Call

DMI is one of Scotland’s leading providers of social alarms, including warden call systems.

The significant growth in the social alarms sector which includes warden call, telecare, dispersed alarms and nurse call systems, can be directly attributed to the rapid growth in the UK’s ageing population.

Our communication systems can be designed specifically for grouped housing schemes utilising the latest generation of cordless digital systems featuring offsite control and optional pendant, inactivity, smoke and intruder alarm triggers. This system can be easily combined with a communal door entry and access control system.

Warden call systems are designed to meet the needs of a generation who want to remain as independent as possible but, at the same time, achieve peace of mind through the knowledge that safeguards are in place to provide the level of care and support they may need.

For more information, or to request a callback, please use our Contact Form.

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