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Access Control

DMI’s access control systems are cost effective and easy to operate.

DMI specialises in the design, installation and maintenance of access control system solutions that deliver the level of security, control and safety required in today’s society.

Access Control Systems form an integral part of building accessibility providing a quick, simple and controlled means of access for all, and at the same time, deliver the authenticity of movement and monitoring data required by building management.

Whether you need to upgrade your existing access control systems or increase the level of security or accessibility of your premises, DMI delivers market leading, fully compliant and cost effective electronic security systems solutions.

We provide and support a wide range of access control systems across a variety of industry sectors including:

  • Stand-alone door control

  • External site access (barrier and gate ) control

  • Networked systems

  • VOIP and PC based systems

  • Card production systems

  • Offsite diagnostics, monitoring and management

  • Wireless handle sets

  • Biometric finger print recognition

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